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Located in the high plains area of southeastern Wyoming.

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This page was last revised on February 2, 2015.

Changed in this revision:

NEW! Click here for March 28th Habitat Hero Workshop enrollment information. February edition of The Flyer now on line.

Announcements of Special Interest

Please consider volunteering to serve on the CHPAS Board of Directors. The future of the chapter depends on getting more of our members involved in the planning process. No previous experience required; mentoring is available. And you do not need to be available for each and every event or meeting -- Board members attend board meetings, programs and field trips as their personal schedules allow.

Contact Barb Gorges (634-0463) to express your desire to help out.

Local Chapter membership application may be found here. Dues are $12 a year, for the year beginning September 1st.

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Field Trips and Meetings

Please see the current issue of our newsletter, the
"Flyer," for more detail.

For field trips, be sure to wear walking shoes and appropriate clothing. Of course, in Wyoming, this means being prepared for sun, snow, rain, heat, cold, and (usually) wind. Bring binoculars and your favorite field guides (and lunch/snacks and water for out of town trips).

Suggestions for field trips and camp-outs are welcome. Does anyone have any ideas? If so, please contact Barb Gorges.

Monthly meetings will normally be held in the Laramie County Library at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month for the 2014-2015 administrative year. The included lectures are free and open to the public.
For further information on lectures, please call 634-0463. Be sure to bring along your own bird sightings to share with other attendees.

Quick Look Calendar for Upcoming Events

Please see newsletter for all the details.

Please Note: For the Cheyenne Country Club Bird Surveys. Start times are 7:00 am April through August and 8:00 am September through March. Contact Chuck Seniawski (638-6519 or email) by the preceding Wednesday if you wish to join the survey team. The survey is done using golf carts as the primary mode of transportation (assuming snow cover permits) and the carts need to be reserved in advance. Even if there is snow cover, and weather permits, the count will go on. And, this being Wyoming, there might be a date change if really severe weather is due to arrive on the scheduled date. If you have given him advance notice, he can notify you of changes.

February 2015

7 Field Trip around Cheyenne 8 a.m., Leave from the parking lot in Lions Park south of the Children’s Village (next to the Old Community House). Join us as we help Art Anderson do the quarterly surveys of Cheyenne's Important Bird Areas -- Lions Park and Wyoming Hereford Ranch. You may stay with the group as long or as little as you wish. Contact Mark Gorges 634-0463.

17 Public Meeting: A Student's Adventure in Kenya Bonnie Saville. 7 p.m., Sunflower Room at the Laramie County Public Library. Contact Barb Gorges 634-0463.

24 Board meeting 7 p.m. at Gorges house. Contact Barb 634-4036.

March 2015

6 Country Club Survey 8:00 a.m. See note above if you wish to participate.

17 Public Meeting Speaker: Dennis Knight. 7 p.m. Contact Barb 634-0463.

27 Cheyenne Country Club Survey 8:00 a.m. See note above if you wish to participate.

28 Habitat Hero workshop. Those who were able to attend the workshop presented at the 40th Bird Day celebration, and want to follow up, will want to put this workshop on their calendar. Click here for details.

Future dates of interest:

June 13-14 — Audubon Rockies BioBlitz — Heart Mountain, Cody, Wyoming
July 10-13 — National Audubon Society Conference — Leesburg, Virginia
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References for Birding in our local area.

Where can I bird in the Cheyenne area? In other parts of Wyoming?

For starters, we recommend you check out the area's IBA's, described below, in the next section of this Web page.

Suggestions for birding in the Cheyenne area and around the state are included as a part of Wyoming Birds, Second Edition, by Jane L. and Robert D. Dorn, Mountain West Publishing, Cheyenne, 1999.

Wyoming Bird Atlas

For viewers who are interested in a much more detailed treatment of where to find birds and other of Nature's game and non-game creatures which may be found in Wyoming, you may consult the on-line (.pdf) version of the Atlas of Birds, Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles in Wyoming, found at this link. Be forewarned that this publication is 236 pages long (4.5 MB), and may take a while to download on a dial-up connection to the Internet.

To Report Rare Bird Sightings to the Wyoming Rare Birds Record Committee, see pages 217ff of the Bird Atlas for the official form.

Birds of Wyoming, by Douglas W. Faulkner, (c)2010, is an excellent desk reference for common and not-so-common species observed in Wyoming ever since bird sightings started being formally documented in the early 1900s. It includes several essays on the history of ornithology in Wyoming, Wyoming wildlife habitats, and resident and non-resident species accounts, with color photos and range maps. Published by Roberts and Company, Greenwood, Colorado, and available through both the publisher and

The Bird Checklist for Cheyenne and Southeastern Wyoming is now on line.
Click here to get a copy of this .pdf file.

The Wyoming Bird Checklist is also available on line.
Click here to view.

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Important Bird Areas

Cheyenne has two Important Bird Areas(IBA) and one non-IBA that always has some action:

a. Lion's Park, including Sloan's Lake and Kiwanis Lake.
This is a park in the City of Cheyenne parks system. The entrance is near Eighth Avenue and Carey Avenue, close to the airport.
b. Wyoming Hereford Ranch, to the southeast of Cheyenne.
It is adjacent to and south of I-80, at the Campstool Road exit. (This is private property, so be sure to stay on roads and otherwise respect the property rights of the owners.)
IN ADDITION, Holliday Park in Cheyenne is popular with waterfowl, wild and domestic, the year round. It also features nesting black-crowned night herons in the Spring.
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Recent Cheyenne Audubon Bird Count Results

The Christmas Bird Count results for 2014 may be viewed by clicking here.

For the results of the Big Count Day (May 17, 2014) survey, Click here.

The Christmas Bird Count results for 2013 may be viewed by clicking here.

For the results of the Big Count Day (May 18, 2013) survey, Click here.

The Christmas Bird Count results for 2012 may be viewed by clicking here.

For the results of the Big Count Day (May 19, 2012) survey, Click here.

The Christmas Bird Count results for 2011 may be viewed by clicking here.

For the results of the Big Count Day (May 21, 2011) survey, Click here.

The Christmas Bird Count results for 2010 may be viewed by clicking here.

For the results of the Big Count Day (May 15, 2010) survey, Click here.

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General Information

To get contact information for your Wyoming State legislators, and bill status when the legislature is in session, see this link. When the legislature is in session, messages may be left for your senator at 777-7711 or your representative at 771-7852. The Voter Hotline, on which you may leave only a "yes" or "no voting recommendations for your legislators, is at 777-VOTE or 1-866-996-8683. You may also e-mail legislators at the email addresses found in the legisweb site.

Want to stay informed about birds in Wyoming?

One way is to subscribe to the wyobirds list serve. Sign up by going to the wyobirds sign up page.
(As should always be the case, make sure you read the terms of service before signing up for this list serve. Then, if you want to join the 220+ subscribers, you can receive and post emails about birding-related activities in Wyoming -- from sightings to administrative items.) Regular contributors from around Wyoming keep us all up to date on migration progress and locations of bird populations as they are observed. It's about the closest thing we have to a rare bird alert in the state.

yellow-headed blackbird

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  • Cornell University's Project Feeder Watch
    To become a FeederWatcher, you may sign up via the Web site or call 1-800-843-2473 or send $15 to Project FeederWatch, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, P.O. Box 11, Ithaca, NY 14851-0011. Expect the research kit in about three weeks.

    Other Wyoming Audubon links:
    Murie Audubon Society, Casper, WY

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    Contact Us

    P.O. Box 2502
    Cheyenne, WY 82003-6402

    Carpooling for field trips.......(We need help here -- volunteers welcome!)
    To volunteer to do a program.........Barb Gorges, at 634-0463.
    To report unusual bird sightings...Barb Gorges, at 634-0463.
    For membership information........Mark Gorges, at 634-0463.

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